Registration for our Fall 2019 Convention is now OPEN!


FRequently Asked Questions

What's The


I have a scholarship for an upcoming event, how do I register?
Congratulations in your scholarship! To register, simply go through the regular registration process, and when you reach the page asking for a “Coupon Code”, please enter the unique code found at the bottom of your scholarship.  Please note, scholarships are not transferable and cannot be used past the deadline.

Is food included?
Unfortunately no.  Please pack a healthy NUT FREE lunch and snacks, and plenty of water.  Alternatively, the venues may have food and beverage options for purchase. Please see the information package you will have received with your email confirmation to confirm availability.

Do you allow observers?
Parents wishing to watch the classes may purchase an observer band in advance or at the door.  Please note that observers are asked to treat our workshops as they would any dance class and refrain from loud conversations, photography, and videotaping.  The Dance Project reserved the right to remove any individual who may be disruptive to the classes.

Do you sell merchandise?
Yes! We will have some unique items to purchase.  Cash is always the best option, but we also accept Credit Cards.  Please note: we are not able to accept Debit Cards at this time.

What is your cancellation policy?
As with any ticketed event, we do not allow refunds.  Should you not be able to attend an event after you have registered, we would be happy to transfer your registration to another participant at no extra cost (this must be arranged by you, and at least 24 hours notice given prior to the applicable event).  Inability to participate due to illness or injury may result in a credit for next season, provided that a doctor’s note and 24 hours notice has been given.  Please contact our office for further assistance.

I am registered in a level, but I’m not sure this is where I belong?
Please see above for a description of the various levels.  If at the event you feel that you would like to change levels, please visit our registration table to exchange your wristband.  Please note that changing from Junior to Intermediate level will result in an upgrade charge.

The Important Stuff:  
In registering to The Dance Project’s events, it is deemed fully understood that The Dance Project, the host venue, and our staff members, including but not limited to the Director Jennifer Smith, are not liable for any personal injuries, loss, or damages sustained while attending the aforementioned event. In registering, it is assumed that The Dance Project has permission to use photographs or videos of the registered participants for advertising purposes. Each individual participant must submit a signed waiver prior to be allowed to pick up their event wristband.

Photography & videotaping by participants and/or observers will only be allowed during faculty Q&A and will not be allowed during the workshops unless otherwise permitted by The Dance Project staff or faculty. I understand that a $20 service charge will apply to all NSF cheques and that there are no refunds for this event. I agree that The Dance Project reserves the right to make changes to faculty &/or schedule without notice.

By registering online, I give permission for The Dance Project to contact me via email, and will be added to The Dance Project's email contact list (you will be able to unsubscribe to this list at anytime).