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Before You Register Online


The Important Stuff:  
In registering to The Dance Project’s events, it is deemed fully understood that The Dance Project, the host venue, and our staff members, including but not limited to the Director Jennifer Smith, are not liable for any personal injuries, loss, or damages sustained while attending the aforementioned event. In registering, it is assumed that The Dance Project has permission to use photographs or videos of the registered participants for advertising purposes. Each individual participant must submit a signed waiver prior to be allowed to pick up their event wristband.

Photography & videotaping by participants and/or observers will only be allowed during faculty Q&A and will not be allowed during the workshops unless otherwise permitted by The Dance Project staff or faculty. I understand that a $20 service charge will apply to all NSF cheques and that there are no refunds for this event. I agree that The Dance Project reserves the right to make changes to faculty &/or schedule without notice.

By registering online, I give permission for The Dance Project to contact me via email, and will be added to The Dance Project's email contact list (you will be able to unsubscribe to this list at anytime).